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Dubai used to be a fishing bay in the past until the economic growth and the oil reserves development in the city. Not only because of the great economy in Dubai

, but also due to the breath taking architecture in Dubai, the city is one of the most we known places to live in the world. Read more to get more information about Dubai tourist attractions.

Etehad Towers are of the most amazing towers in Dubai, which are a great sample of the beauty of modern architecture in Dubai, due to the round structure and brightness at night. Etehad towers are located in the west point of Abu Dhabi in coastal Corniche promenade, including residential centers, luxury shopping malls and branded shops such as; Hermes, Rolex, Versace and so on. Etehad towers contain Jumeirah towers within them as the longest towers in the UAE. At the 62ND floor of Etehad towers you can experience the great view of Dubai blue sky.

Dubai Capital Gate tower is the most curved property in Dubai, which has actually been recorded at Guinness. The 35 storey tower seems as if it has been affected by the winds blown in deserts and been curved 18 degrees. The Hotel tower at the tower serves the best food with the highest quality to the costumers, they can also enjoy the suspended pool at the 19th floor of the tower and watch the great view of other islands in west. The rooms of the tower have all got long windows, glass and suspended bathtub to provide the residents the great of view of the landscape.

Louver museum in Abu Dhabi is one of the greatest collections of Western countries culture, which is known as the most important art structures in Arab Emirate.  The museum has been designed by a French architecture and designer called Jean Nouvel and has won Pritzkar architecture reward. Looking at the tower from a long distance, you can see a suspended vault.  Steel roof of the museum reduces the sun power and provides a kind of light rain to the visitors.  Simple, unprotected art works of the museum under the dome of the complex lead to a labyrinth of hidden outdoor spaces that offer visitors unique views of the city and the bay.

The Abu Dhabi Yas Hotel built on top of Abu Dhabi Hotel curved structure, which is one of the highlights of Formula One racing, is known for its glass and steel mesh structure and special lighting system that uses more than 5,000 LED lamps. It becomes a system that creates a transparent canopy over the two hotel towers. Due to the location of this hotel, which offers a unique view of the Grand Prix Formula One races in November each year, Yas Hotel offers other services for lovers of the Formula One world, including We can mention private lodges, suites with a view to the venue, as well as terraces that offer guests the view of the entire racetrack.


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